In the Field: Aerosol-Precipitation Interactions

Several members of the research group, including Professor Prather, are currently involved in the CalWater 2011 field study.  This field effort is dedicated to further understanding the interactions of aerosols with precipitation and cloud formation in California.  Three ATOFMS instruments are deployed: Jake and Laverne are at Sugar Pine Dam in Tahoe National Forest (Foresthill, CA), and Shirley is part of the research payload of the Gulfstream-1 aircraft, operated by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). 

This experimental stage of CalWater is a collaboration with scientists from NOAA/ESRL: Physical Sciences Division, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Colorado State University, Georgia Tech, Hebrew University-Jerusalem, PNNL, US Geological Survey, and UC Davis.  The CalWater project is funded by the California Energy Commission.

For daily updates from the field, check out the ATOFMS Field Notebook blog.

For more information on CalWater, see the CalWater section of our website, and also the CalWater site hosted by NOAA.


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