The Mobile Lab Makes It to Sugar Pine!

After a long drive, and a backhoe to plow the access road to the sampling site, the Prather Group's Mobile Lab has been successfully deployed at the Sugar Pine Dam in Tahoe National Forest near Foresthill, CA.  The group will be investigating the interplay of aerosols and precipitation in California, while another team of Prather Group members deploys a similar setup in Mariposa, CA as part of the CalWater field campaign, a collaboration with  NOAA, the California Energy Commission, and the US Geological Survey.  Jessie, Liz, and Doug will be making continuous measurements with lens-type and nozzle-type ATOFMS instruments (Jake and Laverne), particle sizing instruments (SMPS and APS), particulate mass concentrations (BAM), a cloud condensation nucleus counter (CCNc), real-time particulate ion chromatography (PILS/IC), gas phase monitors (NOx, SO2, CO, O3), aethalometer (for black carbon), and rain collection for offline chemical analysis.  The study will continue through mid-March.